Heat Waves (1): Hot in Denver

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Blog Title: Hot in Denver: Heat Waves (1)
Publication Date: 2008/08/03
URL: http://www.wunderground.com/blog/RickyRood/comment.html?entrynum=82&tstamp=200808
Short Description: This blog is motivated by a period of extended warmth in Colorado, where it has been hot. It's been hot, but it has not been a situation of high impact on human health. Why? The impact of heat on human health depends on many things, including heat, humidity, built environment, and vulnerability of the population. What is the role of climate change? It is likely to make the problem larger, but how to reduce the impact of heat on human health is not, first and foremost, reducing carbon dioxide. Heat waves have the characteristics of many of the impacts that are associated with global warming.

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