Open Climate Models (2) Stickiness and Climate Models:

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Blog Title: Stickiness and Climate Models: Open Climate Models (2)
Publication Date: 2010/11/30
Short Description: A discussion on the need to provide access to climate models by non-scientists

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"Rood has a great blog called "Climate Change" that is archived at and it's really refreshing to read the breadth and depth of his research and policy work. It's funny because some people find it depressing to think about the climate crisis, but I feel more informed and even more courageous when I read through Rood's work. Especially his recent thoughts about our current political climate in which climate scientists have failed to win the public relations battle regarding the seriousness of climate destabilization."

"If Ricky Rood, the climate scientist, is correct and it's time for a new community to develop whereby people begin to self-organize, seeking hungrily for the experts who can help us understand and address human caused climate change, then climate stabilization is not a matter of hope, but rather a matter of human intelligence and action."

"Occasionally I come across blog posts that I wish I’d written myself, because they capture so well some of the ideas I’ve been thinking about. Such the is the case with Ricky Rood’s series on open climate models ..."