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|Natural Variability=Weather_and_Climate
|Natural Variability=Weather_and_Climate
|Attribution of Climate Change=Natural, Anthropogenic
|Attribution of Climate Change=Natural, Anthropogenic
|Impacts=Societal_Disruption, Climate_Change_Case_Studies
|Science, Scientific Method, Beliefs=Analysis_and_Opinion
|Science, Scientific Method, Beliefs=Analysis_and_Opinion

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Blog Title: Pakistan: A Climate Disaster Case Study
Publication Date: 2010/08/17
URL: http://www.wunderground.com/blog/RickyRood/comment.html?entrynum=168
Short Description: The 2010 monsoon-related flood as a climate disaster

Blog Attributes The combination of weather and climate and people and infrastructure and agriculture come together to create a climate disaster. Climate projections would suggest that this sort of disaster will become more common in the future. Analysis of the Pakistani floods and response to the floods serves as a potential case study to inform us about the future.

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Attribution of Climate Change ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:Natural, Anthropogenic|,|q|q}}
Impacts ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:Societal_Disruption, Climate_Change_Case_Studies|,|q|q}}
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"The following post was written by Dr Ricky Rood, a professor at the University of Michigan's Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences. It originally was posted on 17 August 2010 as Pakistan: A Climate Disaster Case Study on his Climate Change blog at The Weather Underground. It is reposted here -- unedited (though we've added emphases in some places). Following the original text, we add a list of "Online Resources" for those interested in additional information."


"As University of Michigan atmospheric scientist Ricky Rood wrote on the Weather Underground blog, “What is happening in Pakistan cannot be described in a single word – like disaster or catastrophe. We are watching a combination of climate, weather, population, societal capacity, and geopolitics whose scope and ramifications are far beyond a “historic flood.”"


"Ricky Rood, who is an atmospheric scientist at the University of Michigan, also wrote in his climate change blog that, “the prediction of more extreme weather” is part of the portfolio of events associated with the predictions of global warming. Warmer Ocean, warmer air, and more water in the air — it still gets cold as it flows up the mountain and it rains. So the getting-to-be-old scientific hedge of “this is consistent with the predictions of global warming” is true.”"