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! Open_Climate
! Open_Climate
| {{#arraymap:{{{Climate Services|}}}|,|q|[[Climate Services::q| ]]| }}{{#arraymap:{{{Open_Climate|}}}|,|q|[http://climateknowledge.org/Blogs/index.php/Special:BrowseData/Blogs?Open_Climate=q q]}}
| {{#arraymap:{{{Open_Climate|}}}|,|q|[[Open_Climate::q| ]]| }}{{#arraymap:{{{Open_Climate|}}}|,|q|[http://climateknowledge.org/Blogs/index.php/Special:BrowseData/Blogs?Open_Climate=q q]}}
! Road Trips
! Road Trips

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This is the 'Wug' template. It should be called in the following format:

|Physical Climate // Basic Scientific Investigation of Climate=
|Natural Variability=
|Attribution of Climate Change=
|Science, Scientific Method, Beliefs=
|Climate and=
|Climate Services=
|Road Trips=
|Blog Source=

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