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|Science, Scientific Method, Beliefs=The_Business_and_Practice_of_Climate_Change, Analysis_and_Opinion, Management
|Science, Scientific Method, Beliefs=The_Business_and_Practice_of_Climate_Change, Analysis_and_Opinion, Management
|Climate and=Public_Discourse
|Climate Services=Strategies
|Climate Services=Strategies
|Open_Climate=Open_Communities, Communicating_Climate_Change
|Blog Source=WUnderground, Climate_Policy, Nice_Comments
|Blog Source=WUnderground, Climate_Policy, Nice_Comments

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Blog Title: Time for New Community: What to Do ? (4)
Publication Date: 2010/10/03
URL: http://www.wunderground.com/blog/RickyRood/comment.html?entrynum=172 http://www.climatepolicy.org/?p=74
Short Description: Discusses the need for a new open community to allow full participation in climate solutions

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Natural Variability ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:|,|q|q}}
Models ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:|,|q|q}}
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Impacts ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:|,|q|q}}
Response ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:|,|q|q}}
Science, Scientific Method, Beliefs ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:The_Business_and_Practice_of_Climate_Change, Analysis_and_Opinion, Management|,|q|q}}
IPCC ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:|,|q|q}}
Climate and ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:Public_Discourse|,|q|q}}
Climate Services ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:Strategies|,|q|q}}
Conferences ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:|,|q|q}}
Open_Climate ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:Open_Communities, Communicating_Climate_Change|,|q|q}}
Road Trips ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:|,|q|q}}
Blog Source ,|q| | }}{{#arraymap:WUnderground, Climate_Policy, Nice_Comments|,|q|q}}

"Richard Rood’s recent Wunderblog series (continued here, here, and here) deals with this politicization by leaving framing far behind in search of the proper role of scientists in communicating about climate change:"


"His posts are thoughtful and thorough and lend a lot to the discussion. Recently he posted a 4-part series that included the question "What to do?" in each one."