Additional Relevant Readings (Climate Change: Move to Action (Winter 2008))

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Additional Relevant Readings

These are chosen to be accessible readings that provide more information on the subject of the moment. As above, the lectures where they were assigned is listed, and they are part of the diaspora of the course.

Lecture 3

Kerr Report on Ice Age Turnaround (Science, 2007)

Royal Society Biofuels

Lecture 6

Judith Lean: Living with a Variable Sun

Scott Doney: Ocean Acidification

Lecture 8

NASA Langley: Aerosol Fact Sheet

Terra Mission: Aerosol Fact Sheet

NASA SVS: Aerosols over South Asia (1)

NASA SVS: Aerosols over South Asia (2)

Lecture 9

Robock: Volcanoes and Climate (A large .ppt presentations (36 MB)

NOAA Climate Prediction: Current El Nino / La Nina

NOAA CPC: Excellent slides on El Nino

Lecture 11

Lamont Doherty Abrupt Climate Change Home Page

Lecture 12

Discussion of 2007 Temperatures from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Central England Temperature from the Hadley Center

Lecture 13

Eakin: Building Adaptive Capacity in Latin America

Lecture 15

Energy Information Administration (Also used a Primary Reference)

Pacala and Socolow: Wedges for mitigation of climate change: Supporting material (Science, 2004)

Socolow and Pacala: Keeping Carbon in Check (Scientific American, 2006)

Lecture 16

Rabe: Congressional Testimony (2007)

Pew: Beyond Kyoto

Lecture 17

Tol and Yohe: Deconstruction of Stern Analysis

Lecture 18

Stavins: Lessons Learned from the Sulfur Market

Lecture 19

EPA Response to Massachusetts Petition

Massachusetts Petition to Supreme Court

University of Pennsylvania Law Review: 2007 Issue on Climate Science, Economy, and Law (Also used as a Primary Reference)

Lecture 20

Stavins: US Carbon Market

Metcalf: US Carbon Tax

Dessler and Parson: Chapter 4: The climate-change policy debate: impacts and potential responses

Dessler and Parson: Chapter 5: The present impasse and steps forward

Lecture 21

Fargione: Land use, Energy, Biofuels, Climate

Searchinger: Ethanol, Energy, Climate

Milly: Impact of climate change on water management strategies

Lecture 22

Climate Change Science Program: Synthesis and Assessment Product: Reconciling the consistency of observed constituent trends (~9 MB) (Also used as a Primary Reference)

Santer: Water vapor fingerprinting

Rosenzweig: Attribution of climate change, a physical and biological review (~ 6 MB) (Also used as a Primary Reference)

Lecture 24

Meehl and Tebaldi: Climate Change and Heat Waves

Watson: Overview of Science, Policy, Public Health, etc. (Foundational Reading)

Lecture 25

U.S. Climate Action Partnership

CAP Call for Action

CERES: Coalition of Investors, Environmental and Public Interest Groups (Click Publications: Look at 2003 and 2006 Corporate Governance)

Lecture 26

Princeton Environmental Institute: Carbon Management Initiative

Stabilization Wedges: Teachers Guide

McKinsey 2007 report on the cost of greenhouse gas

Alliance for Climate Protection (

Hansen paper on 350 ppm as target carbon dioxide

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