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A dog is literally a man's best friend. This is an animal that will always be there for you, that will never fall out with you, that will never turn its back on you, and that will always think you're the bee's knees. A dog is a true friend and one that doesn't expect anything in return, but at the same time it is still your responsibility to repay them by looking after them and making sure that they are strong and healthy.

This means that it's your responsibility to provide them with food, with shelter and with care, and that means among other things giving them the right diet and lifestyle to make sure that they have a strong and healthy heart as well as helping them to avoid worms. That's where Heartgard Plus comes in, a chewable snack that can help your dog to avoid worms including hookworm and crucially heartworm and thereby help your dog to remain healthy and well.

There are other ways too to help your dog to keep a healthy heart and to avoid worms. Here we will look at some methods.

For a Healthy Heart More dogs info can be found here! As well as Heartgard Plus there are some other things you can do to promote a healthy heart for your dog. That means first of all for instance making sure that you feed your dogs well, and that means avoiding too many fatty snacks and fatty cuts of meat and making sure that they also get vitamins and minerals and crucially fiber. This will help your dog to maintain low LDL cholesterol ('bad' cholesterol) and thus help them to easily pump blood around the body without angina or heart attack. Look for fortified dog foods that contain vitamins and minerals and fibers and that can help your dog to stay healthy and well.