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Tips on how to Create A Permanent Blue Hair Dye That will Works

All sources I experienced found said "It can not be done. " "There's no these thing. " Well, if you want a little something bad enough, you find a way. Here's my way.

Blue black hair dye the truth is on many people, and you'll find even less information about it on the internet. Most of the information around talks about how a permanent blue hair dye doesn't exist and suggests some pretty lame, expensive, messy and (allows face it) actually temporary alternatives.

Yes a nice blue hair color may be a rare thing, mostly because it is so damned hard to obtain and even harder to keep from fading into a weird blotchy emo efficient color. I am not a professional cosmetologist nor do I claim to become an expert on tresses coloring. I am just a girl who wanted blue hair that might last, and was not willing to take no for a reply.

I live on the road for a lot of the year and I am not anyone who has the time or this patience to mess by using semi permanent color which washes out after a few days and needs touched up pay money for... no thanks. I'm not knocking it, if you're someone whom likes to change your hair color every week then it's perfect... but it's also costly. "Take cold showers in order to preserve your color. " Was advice we was given several situations. I don't know about you, but I'm not which into cold showers.

So... all the semi and also demi-permanent blue black hair color We tried either faded and also rinsed right out, even though I have bleached my hair 1st. I tried a lots of things in the identify of blue hair until I found something that actually works. The following describes the procedure I used to achieve a Permanent Navy Blue Hair color which is evenly toned and attractive.