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Part of the fun of surviving in Orlando is the ability to grow a lush lawn in most season. Outdoor recreation is enhanced by way of a beautiful lawn. To discover the best looking lawn in your neighborhood, 12 months from the year, follow these lawn care strategies for Orlando homeowners.

Keep your grass mown at the tallest possible height for the grass species in your lawn. Grass grows a root system that is directly proportional to the height of the grass plant above ground. To encourage healthier root growth, and reduce the lawn care orlando importance of watering, keep your grass as high as is optimum for the species. Keep your mower blades sharp. Sharp mower blades have many perks. First, you will use less fuel to mow the lawn if mower blades are kept sharp. Second, your lawn will look cleaner and greener. The *whitish haze* on newly mown lawns is due to mowers with dull blades that tear rather than cut the grass. The incomplete tears dry up and turn brown, instead of healing cleanly and staying green. Get a soil test at least once a year and amend the soil appropriately. Soil test instructions and kits can be obtained from your local cooperative extension office. A qualified landscape professional may also collect a soil sample and send it for analysis. Before purchasing fertilizer, it's a good notion to really have a soil test. The nutrients your grass needs could be in the soil already, but unavailable as a result of soil pH or the lack of organic matter. (A common problem in the sandy soils of Florida. ) You may have to adjust the soil type or acidity before fertilizing to get the most bang for your buck. Leave grass clippings in your lawn. Warm season grasses are susceptible to thatch problems, but grass clippings don't cause thatch buildup. If you remove no more than 1/3 of the grass blade at any time while you're mowing, the clippings will dry up and decompose quickly, adding precious organic matter back into the soil. Aerate in the spring or fall, but not during the summer. Aerating is both beneficial and stressful for the grass. During hot Orlando summers, aerating can cause unnecessary stress for the plants. lawn service orlando A spring or fall aeration schedule will allow your plants to recuperate quickly from being sliced apart. For best results, top-dress with a compost/topsoil blend. This may help amend the soil and add organic matter, along with counter the results of soil compaction. Aerating is especially essential for lawns that see a lot of recreational use. Water deeply and infrequently. With respect to the time of year, your grass will be needing more or less water. December-March, your lawn will be needing about 1/3 as much water as through the summer months. This is because the grass is mainly dormant and not earnestly growing. This watering technique will also help your grass plants grow deep roots,lawn maintenance orlando that'll can be found in handy throughout a drought. Calibrate sprinkler heads. To be certain that the lawn is being watered evenly, always check your sprinkler system. Put five straight sided cans or pans around your yard and start the sprinklers for a timed run. Following the stop, gauge the quantity of water in each pan. If one contains significantly more than one other, you need to re-calibrate the distance and overlap of the sprinkler heads, or check for leaks.