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Just about everybody who has been using the Internet has posted something they later regret. The posts don't fade away over time, what’s online is more or less permanent. A body of public content can be used by an enemy and rivals who would ruin your good online reputation, or hurt your career. Why Online Reputation Management is Important In this tough economy, employers are being more selective before hiring new workers. They are utilizing social media sites such as Google+, Facebook and Google to look into the history of a new hire as part of the normal vetting process. Twitter, Facebook and other sites are known to be laid back, and they’re a place where members let themselves go. People have been known to give specific details about their alcohol histories and drug problems and air their family feuds .

If you looked at your posts on social media sites is probably not a pretty sight. Online reputation management can remove past posts that make a person appear reckless or abusive to potential employers or clients. Reputation Management For Business Owners You may believe that your habits as a business person has been top tier, but not all of your potential clients may agree with this. Your reputation and your business could be ruined in hours due to the the spread of negative posts on social media websites. Former clients and business rivals have been known to post half truths and outright lies on these sites to smear the reputation of institutions and corporations just to "settle a score" - or to gain an upper hand in business. Online reputation management companies can help fix your reputation, and save as best they can, you reputation online. Future customers are known to view rip off report type sites, making it an important service for your business. Online Reputation Management For Other Reasons Not everybody who chooses online reputation management does so for business purposes. When people date, it’s normal and expected for a new dating partner to “Google” the other person to see what comes up. An embarrassing personal history that’s very public could easily put the kibosh on the new relationship. Those who wish to enter politics and other areas of public life are advised to clean up their online history by using online reputation management services. There’s nothing like years of work building a coalition and a positive reputation - only to see it dashed in hours by a scandalous picture or an embarrassing quote from years ago. The Internet is an amazing resource that brings people together, and it can be your friend or enemy depending on how you use it. Online reputation management can help bring closure to negative parts of your past.

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