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Employment: Finding Job Vacancies During a Recession

Job vacancies are getting harder and harder to find in today's recession. Employment and an online job search go hand-in-hand though. You can't seem to find the former without the latter. A job search for employment doesn't mean it has to be an online job you're getting. Job vacancies are for all sorts of offline jobs, but the online format s the best conduit to find those jobs.

Job Search aggregators are another source of employment vacancies on the internet. Job aggregators differ from job boards because they pull jobs from many different job boards and niches.

In order to use an online job source engine, you just type in some keywords and select the career or industry. You can also put in your zip sometimes. It's a great way for employers to find employees and employees to find employers. It's not one-sided. It's a circuitous relationship. Both parties can interact with each other.

Advanced job searches usually allow you to do other stuff. The quick search is just on the homepage for easy access if you don't mind traveling or want to work in a broad category. However, the advanced job discovery is really where you can find the jobs that you want to pinpoint. For example, you can put in your keywords, country, state, zip, radius, job category, experience, and show jobs posted within a certain amount of time. You can also browse by category, location, or job posted date. You can do some pretty advanced searching with a job creation engine online as compared to going to the employment office and just standing in line and waiting for a new career. You're in control with your career discovery engine. You're in the driver's seat. Maximize each opportunity available to you.

An employer can also make use of a career search discovery engine. He can find the employees he wants. He just has to post jobs by category, view, save, and organize resumes online, get resumes via e-mail alert system, and track applicants, filter them by selection, and conduct interviews all online. Compare how easy this is with the old way of going to one office at a time and getting business the slow way. The old-fashioned way is just not how people do it anymore. The new way is through a job discovery engine. More and more, employers are also using it to keep track of potential employees. They can filter, screen, and hire them.