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Oxford Advantage Management is really a division associated with Oxford Wellness Plans. The objective of OBM would be to provide one-stop shopping for brokers, employers, and people of existing Oxford health plans. Through OBM, participants may select and manage benefit packages such as dental as well as vision plans, health low cost plans, employee help programs, and life insurance coverage to add to existing health benefit packages. For companies, this service is particularly beneficial as it cuts down on administrative labor hours with regard to human source departments and human source employees. Through the OBM website, employers can select specialty advantages of numerous suppliers under contract or otherwise associated with Oxford or UnitedHealthGroup.

Oxford Health Plans, the parent company of Oxford Benefit Management, is possessed by UnitedHealth Group, one from the largest providers of insurance and health care coverage in the usa. As this kind of, through OBM, employers as well as insurance brokers are able to add on specialty coverage possibilities from UnitedHealth Group vendors as well as companies. Some from the coverage choices include:

1. Unimerica Place of work Benefits. Underwriters for Unimerica benefits have just about all been rated A in order to A+ with a. M. Best or Standard and Poor's. These niche Oxford health plan providers include life insurance policies with regard to employers to offer employees, as well as other services.

2. Optum Wellness. When an employer needs employee assistance programs, Optum Wellness offers services, referrals, and educational resources both online and off. Whether workers need assets and assistance for issues in accordance with their kids, caring with regard to elderly parents, or coping with a chronic health, OBM members can entry the services offered via Oxford Wellness Plans' association with Optum Wellness.

3. UnitedHealthCare Vision and Dental plans. Participants within Oxford Wellness Plans' OBM program provide employers and brokers with access to UnitedHealthCare Eyesight and UnitedHealthCare Dental care plans. These programs provide workers and participants with 100% protection of preventative dental care as well as other dental benefits. Likewise, vision treatment is covered through UnitedHealthCare vendors such as Sam's Membership, Sterling Optical, and additional national eyesight care providers.

4. UnitedHealth Allies. Discounts on LASIK methods, weight control, gyms, cosmetic dentistry, and many other services not really covered under traditional medical health insurance plans are supplied to OBM people through UnitedHealth Allies. This niche discount plan also features the ability to obtain discounts on over the counter medications, vitamins, and other pharmaceutical supplies from the UnitedHealth Allies Industry online.

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