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Fitness and Obesity <> How many calories can be burned by engaging in Aerobic Exercise? In order for to burn calories, one has to exhaust more energy working out or engaging in any form of exercise than calories being consumed. There should be some sort of balance between calories consumed and calories burned to show effective results. We all engage in aerobic exercise one way or the other on a daily basis and most of us are unaware of this fact. These are exercises that last between 20 to 35 minutes and do not require as much energy as anaerobic exercises do. The body needs sufficient oxygen in order to complete this process. Below are different forms of Aerobic exercises: a) Walking b) Swimming c) Walking or running on a treadmill d) Biking e) Running f) Rowing g) Fitness walk Calories burned walking <>: How important is this aspect of Fitness and Obesity Except for the physically challenged we can assuredly say that everybody walks; Children, Teenagers and Adults. This is an easier and healthier form of aerobic exercise which anyone can perform without much stress. What are some of the benefits of aerobic exercise <>? There are quite a number of benefits of aerobics exercise <> which are of great help to our health especially regarding Fitness and Obesity <>. · Helps in the Prevention of Cancer · Increase in rate of metabolism · Helps people you want to quit smoking · Weight control · Reduced belly fat · A drop in blood pressure levels · Decrease in cholesterol levels in the body · Helps diabetic patients · Blood supply to the muscles in the body increases substantially · There is a decrease in one’s chances of attaining any form of heart disease · There is an increase in levels of V02max; which stands for; the body’s maximal O2 consumption. Some other benefits of aerobic exercise include; Elevation of depression: With calories burned walking and other forms of exercise, we tend to start seeing the positive results of our actions which in turn changes our mood from positive to negative. Calories burned walking <> depends on a number of factors such as weight, height, age etc. For you to effectively calculate how many calories burned walking one has to take these factors into consideration. Formula: your weight [pounds] X 0.60 = amount of calories per 5 miles per hour. In order to stay fit and healthy one has take a number of factors into consideration. The most important thing is to identify what makes us unhealthy. The following are habits we must consider changing in order to live a healthier lifestyle. · Determination as well as discipline. The more determined you are, the more disciplined you are going to be especially when it comes to action. Most people want to lose weight but are not willing to take to do what it takes. It has been said that when the solution is given, 90% of people will consider it, but only 5% will take action. This has been proven to be a problem affecting many today. · Healthy diet. A healthy diet is a food that contains all the food nutrients in their appropriate amounts. There are people who rely on junk food and other high calorie packed foods because it is easily accessible and cheap. Foods that is high in calories burn faster than foods low in calories (healthy foods). A healthy lifestyle is achievable one has to take initiative to do all that is required to achieve this goal.