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Modern Furniture and Interior design Trends for this Year

This year expected to be a year of change. And for modern furniture and home design, change can be great especially when it means you get to play with new colorings and styles designed particularly for 2012. We decided to go surfing the blogs to determine what key trends were advertised for 2012.

We would be remiss if we didn't get started with the Pantone color with the year which sets the trends for several styles, both in interior layout and in modern furniture and also fashion and beauty.

According to one of our favorite sites, Apartment Therapy, this year's color is "tangerine tango" which is a vivacious color full of a solution to 2012. According to Apartment Therapy, which sourced Pantone, the "deep red-orange color is intended to give us all a big energy boost; a refresh and a recharge" this coming year. Other recent colors ended up honeysuckle, turquoise, mimosa and blue Eye.

According to one tumblr, "when it comes in order to creativity and high spirits, let your home communicate for itself with exciting colors. Use orange if you are slightly conservative, blue if you undoubtedly are a calm person, red if you are highly active, energetic and impulsive and pink in case you are affectionate, playful and spontaneous. Whatever color you choose to apply, be sure it completely represents your personality, delivering the desired ambiance.

But expect to discover this vibrant shade of orange showing up in designs everywhere. From full wall paintings to splashes in a pillow to outdoor décor, it's time to tango having tangerine.

Merging with that natural earthy color is a desire for natural searching furniture. Both Zen inspired as well as organically designed, a contemporary furniture trend for 2012.

This blog post highlights many of these trends - both organic and tangerine along with grays and linens and even a little bit of industrial. Mixing in with these styles is really a modern minimalist flair containing an emphasis on simple clean design based around core pieces like a modern sofa.

Beasley & Henley, Florida-based interior designers decided, christening their own style style called "Paris Flea Market place meets Driftwood Salvage, " that captures "a natural and rustic believe that blend different eras to get a modern home furniture. From antiques making a new comeback to reclaimed wood furniture and finishes that consist of wire-brushed to bleached maple and grey washes. Industrial-feel elements like chrome fittings and repurposed occasional tables or side carts paired with modern portions will create character pertaining to 2012.

According to one Are generally area interior designer, most of this year's styles are "cost-conscious and budget-friendly with a focus on the basics in addition to a few emerging products that will create the "wow" component.