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Everybody knows that tattoos are far more popular than ever before. The bad news is that numerous people regret their tattoos for a variety of reasons. The good news is that laser tattoo removal is becoming a far more acceptable type of erasing past mistakes. There are numerous reasons why people want to remove their tattoos, but mostly because of indiscretion of youth: Guys planning to join the military would want to remove their tattoos because any tattoo or brand located anywhere on the head or face are prohibited by the U. S. Army (NOTE: the Army may have relaxed this restriction somewhat to bolster recruitment. Consult with your recruiter for additional information. ). Women may want to take away the tattoo on their ankle or leg for them to wear nylons in the workplace. Or there is nothing like showing up for an meeting looking just like a member of a gang and wondering you are never getting any call backs! Lasers are the hottest way of botox these days. Laser tattoo removal has generally speaking better results, less pain and less odds of scarring. But that is NO guarantee everything will continue to work out perfectly. As always, KNOW YOUR RISKS! I believe the simplest way to describe how the laser tattoo removal works is this; whenever you get tattooed, the ink particles stays in the skin because it is too large for your tissue to remove. What the laser does is emit short, but powerful pulses of light that break the ink pigment into tiny particles, which are more easily removed by the body's immunity system during the weeks and months following laser facial treatment. The amount of laser light treatments to remove the unrequired tattoo varies depends upon the type of ink used, how deep the ink was injected and the precise location of the tattoo. Also, remember that the professional tattoos are much harder to remove compared to the "street" tattoos. That is because the professionals use better quality ink and tattoo equipment to insure and minimize fading of the tattoo. The colour of the ink is just a big aspect in determining how many laser treatments you need to eliminate the tattoo. Black and blue tattoos are the easiest to remove whilst the green and yellow pigments are the hardest. The most common laser tattoo removal melbourne process would require anywhere from 4 to 12 cosmetic laser treatments spaced out 5 weeks apart. These parameters can alter so be sure to discuss this with your laser technician. The laser facial treatment can be painful and often the laser technician will apply or recommend a topical anesthetic or "numbing cream" to lessen your skin's sensitivity to the laser pulses Ahead of the process starts. Surprisingly in most areas, you will find no license or certification required to operate a laser tattoo removal device. The lasers were originally made for use by Medical practioners only -- but recent modifications made this revolutionary product not so difficult proper to learn to use and perform. Your laser technician should ask you several relevant questions about your health background and currently prescribed medication. The reason being certain medical conditions and medications would make exposure to the laser treatment dangerous to you. You can expect to see some redness, swelling, blistering, bruising, pinpoint bleeding or scabbing in the treated areas. And the treated area will feel warm for a few hours after treatment.