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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG Regarding this particular sound pronunciation (help�info) (BMW) (Bavarian Motor Works) typically is a German automobile, motorcycle plus engine manufacturing company founded throughout 1917. BMW is actually

headquartered inside Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It additionally owns and produces the Mini marque, and in addition typically is the entire mother or father organization of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. BMW produces motorcycles under BMW Motorrad plus Husqvarna

manufacturer. Inside 2010, the particular BMW group produced 1,481,253 vehicles plus 112,271 motorcycles across every one of the its brands. For More Information, Check Out: BMW Repair Salt Lake City. BMW entered existence as a business entity next a restructuring of the Rapp Motorenwerke aircraft motor manufacturing fast in 1917. Soon after the finish of Planet War I in 1918, BMW had been forced to

cease aircraft motor creation by the terms associated with the Versailles Armistice Treaty. The actual organization consequently shifted that would motorcycle creation with regard to 1923, once the actual restrictions of the treaty launched that would

be lifted, followed by automobiles with regard to 1928-29. The actual first car that BMW successfully released and even the vehicle which launched BMW found on the road to vehicle production was actually the actual Dixi, it had been based on the Austin 7 not to mention licensed from the Austin Motor

Business in Birmingham, England. The entire circular blue plus white BMW logo or roundel evolved from the circular Rapp Motorenwerke company logo, from which the actual BMW company grew, combined with all the blue and also white hues associated with the flag of

Bavaria. The particular logo has become portrayed as the actual movement of a aircraft propeller with all the white blades cutting from a blue sky - first found in a BMW advertisement inside 1929, twelve yrs right after the

roundel ended up being built - yet this particular is certainly not the particular origin associated with the logo itself. BMW's very first noticeable aircraft engine ended up being the BMW IIIa inline-six liquid-cooled engine of 1918, a great deal preferred for its high-altitude overall performance. Alongside German rearmament in the 1930s, the particular company

once again started producing aircraft motors for the Luftwaffe. Amidst its lucrative World War II engine designs happened to be the actual BMW 132 and additionally BMW 801 air-cooled radial machines, plus the pioneering BMW 003 axial-

stream turbojet, that powered the actual tiny, 1944-1945-era jet-powered "emergency fighter", the Heinkel He 162 Spatz. The particular BMW 003 jet engine ended up being tested with regard to the A-1b variation associated with the world's very first jet

fighter, the actual Messerschmitt Me 262, nevertheless BMW motors failed on takeoff, a significant setback for the jet fighter system till lucrative testing alongside Junkers machines. By the entire year 1959, the actual auto division of BMW had been throughout financial difficulties and a shareholders meeting had been held in order to decide whether or not in order to go into liquidation or know a way of carrying on. It ended up being

decided in order to carry on plus in order to try in order to cash with regard to found on the present economy automobile boom took pleasure in thus effectively by several of Germany's ex-aircraft producers including Messerschmitt and even Heinkel. The rights in order to

manufacture the particular Italian Iso Isetta were bought; the entire tiny cars them were to be powered by a modified form of BMW's own motorcycle engine. This particular had been moderately successful then helped the entire business

receive in return on its feet. The actual controlling majority shareholder associated with the BMW Aktiengesellschaft because 1959 is actually the actual Quandt family, which owns regarding 46% of the stock. The relax is within public float. BMW acquired the actual Hans Glas business based with regard to Dingolfing, Germany, inside 1966. It was reputed which the actual purchase had been mainly to gain access to be able to Glas' development of the timing belt alongside an overhead

camshaft within auto applications. Glas vehicles happened to be quickly badged as BMW until the actual firm had been completely absorbed. Within 1992, BMW acquired a large stake in California based industrial shape studio DesignworksUSA, which the two completely acquired inside 1995. Throughout 1994, BMW bought the British Rover Group (which at the time

consisted of the Rover, Land Rover and MG manufacturer and also the actual liberties to be able to defunct brands such as Austin then Morris), and also owned it for 6 years. By 2000, Rover ended up being incurring large losses and BMW

decided in order to market the particular combine. The MG plus Rover brands happened to be sold to be able to the entire Phoenix Consortium that would shape MG Rover, while Land Rover was actually taken over by Ford. BMW, meanwhile, retained the entire liberties that would develop the entire

hot Mini, that had been launched inside 2001. Chief designer Chris Bangle established his departure from BMW within February 2009, right after helping found on the shape team for nearly seventeen years. He had been changed by Adrian van Hooydonk, Bangle's former

correct hand man. Bangle ended up being known for his radical designs like the entire 2002 7-Series and also the 2002 Z4. With regard to July 2007, the entire production rights for Husqvarna Motorcycles was bought by BMW for a reported

93 million euros. BMW Motorrad plans to continue working Husqvarna Motorcycles because a separate enterprise. Just about all development, sales plus creation activities, along with the actual current workforce, currently have

stayed in place at its present location at Varese. For More Information, Check Out: BMW Repair Utah.