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Slim Xtreme is actually stimulant-free weight loss product which has turned out to be a great weight reduction product for anybody wanting to shed undesirable pounds of fat without getting the jitters from high amounts of caffeine or the other unwanted side effects associated with stimulant-based fat burners.

I wanted to take an item without stimulants because to be honest, I was fed up with the high amounts of caffeine in other products I'd tried previously like hydroxycut down and dirty.

That stuff btw was crazy! Way in order to strong.

Anyway I find out about Lean Xtreme while buying good product to defend myself against some workout forum and also the reviews by most people seemed good so i decided to give it a try. I looked up the ingredients and noticed that it contains COLEUS FORSKOHLII- the plant and person in the mint and lavender loved ones. Lean Xtreme additionally contains green tea which along with its appetite suppressing capabilities may also help to stave off free radicals using its anti-oxidant benefits.

So We figured I'd try it out and use the entire container and follow the directions. I also began the moderate exercise routine that consisted of jogging each morning on 3-4 days from the week and ate properly. On the actual bottle it states that you could take any were through 1-3 pills 2-3 times each day so I took 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon as well as before dinner because I needed the extra bit of caffeine in the morning during my runs to maximise the benefits.

Well after 15 days I have lost 9 lbs and 'm continuing to determine improvements all through my entire body. My goal is to lose regarding 35 pounds so I've got at least 3 much more weeks of this but I feel great and I'm in the point during my workouts to where I know I can do it. I think that if people would like to get this I'd point out that without following a decent fitness plan to help with weight loss, I couldn't let you know whether or not this product would work. I believe it's among the best natural weight loss supplements out on the market today but I don't think it will likely be that efficient without strict a strict diet. You often will get aside with not carrying out a cardio workout if you eat a low carbohydrate/high protein/high vegetable diet.

Lean Xtreme