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Electronic cigarettes are becoming a popular way to circumvent smoking bans.

Gold Vapor electronic cigarettes are battery-powered liquid vaporizers that is provide a dose of nicotine to the user when they draw, or inhale, through the e-cigarette. The Gold Vapor device yous made of any battery, an atomizer and a cartridge that contains the liquid to be vaporized in some whitened, sponge-wish tube. Electronic cigarettes work never contain tobacco and can be employed in places that have banned the operate of traditional cigarettes.

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless


Things You'll Need

Gold Vapor Electronic cigarette Gold Vapor replacement cartridges

1 Remove the empty cartridge attached to the atomizer. The cartridges of Gold Vapor electronic cigarettes look identical to the filter on traditional cigarettes. The cartridge that came with the device is useless. Full cartridges are sold separately.

2 Wide open some new cartridge also remove the plastic cover. Press the new cartridge onto the atomizer end without the screw threads. The cartridge does not screw on nevertheless is attached to the electronic cigarette by being pressed firmly also evenly onto the atomizer. The atomizer about any Gold Vapor e-cigarette looks for instance a component of the paper-wrapped tobacco finish of a conventional cigarette.

3 Screw the battery onto the unfilled end of the atomizer. The battery looks wish the end of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The completed Gold Vapor e-cigarette looks comparable to a traditional cigarette. Draw air through the atomizer to activate the device. The indicator gentle on the closure regarding the electronic cigarette will glow when it is activated. The device automatically turns away when you stop inhaling. The indicator soft will blink 10 times when the battery yous low plus wants to be recharged.

Replace the cartridge when vapor yous no longer produced while using the device. The well-being impacts of electronic cigarettes have not been thoroughly tested.


Gold Vapor: Directions Gold Vapor: How It Works

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