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It is a subject that, regrettably, is very near my heart. My grandmother, who practically raised me while my mom was out working, suffered from Gaucher Disease until the day she died. As a young person, I did not know what it absolutely was. My grandmother was a proud woman and didn't discuss it. I only knew because my mother explained. After she passed on and I got older, I decided I had to know just what it was that took my grandmother. This article provides you with the basic factual statements about what Gaucher Disease is and what treatments are available.

The first thing that surprised me to learn was that Gaucher Disease is most typical among folks who are either Jewish or from Eastern or Central Europe. From the Jewish home, it explained too much to me. One more thing that i learned that also astonished, and in addition scared me was that Gaucher Disease can be inherited, meaning it's passed on from your own parents. The chances of inheriting the illness decrease with each generation that the disease it self doesn't arrive. In my family, it really is now 3 generations since, so we're probably pretty safe at this time.

Just what exactly is Gaucher Disease? Well, it's really a genetic mutation that effects organs like the liver and spleen. The actual disease is due to an enzyme deficiency that subsequently causes fatty substances to accumulate in these organs. In my grandmother's case it absolutely was in both her liver and her spleen. The illness causes an enlargement of the organs. This explains why my grandmother, who weighed all of 80 pounds, looked like she had a basketball in her stomach.

You will find, unfortuitously, many more symptoms besides an enlarged liver or spleen. Other medical indications include problems with blood clotting, easy bruising, fractures for no apparent reason, and even bleeding when brushing the teeth.

Detecting if some one has Gaucher Disease is just a simple matter. A blood test is all that is needed. The enzyme deficiency will show in the liver and spleen. There are three types of Gaucher Disease, but type one is the most common and the type that my grandmother experienced.

Fortuitously, we have come a long way because the 60s, when my grandmother endured this disease until she passed on in 1974. Today, there are enzyme replacement therapies which are actually quite effective in treating Gaucher Disease. Also, an excellent diet, reduced in saturated fats and meats, high in fruits and vegetable, will even assist in battle this infection.

Those who are suffering from this disease can actually live quite a long time with it. My grandmother developed this infection very young in life whilst still being lived to be 66 years old.

If you or a cherished one is struggling with Gaucher Disease, there's hope. Please visit your medical professional and have him what treatments can be purchased in your neighborhood.