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Various Versions Released For Android

Precisely what is Android?

Apakah Android Itu, It is really an operating system utilized on smartphone's, lap tops, tablet pc's and so forth. Android mobile phone applications are a group of software that features os, key applications and middle-ware. By having an open and versatile Android development platform Android developers will have a way to build rich, innovative and interesting applications. Google took over the Android Inc in 2005 and thereafter released android code under the name of Apache License. Android developers write the applications in customized version of JAVA. This is listed as the top selling Smartphone application in 2010 by the C analysis whilst still being the most sought after android mobile apps.


Android Mobile apps incorporates loaded features which can be sure to take the android developers by storm. The features include:

Better connectivity using CDMA, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, WiMax, GSM, LTE etc Android push messaging service which is a part of Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework also known as C2DM Supports numerous human languages Adapts to both traditional smartphones as well as VGA, 2D graphics, etc Better and greater storage medium Supports audio/video formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, AMR, AAC, MPEG-4, WebM, MIDI, WAV, PNG etc Contains web browser base on Web-Kit, Chrome's V8 Java script engine which can be the best Is capable of multi tasking and multi-touch options Supports hardware like touch screens, accelerometers, barometer, magnetometers, pressure sensors, thermometers, 3D graphics and much more Also supports tethering that assists in the phone used as wireless Wi-Fi spot Recent Releases along with their added features

There have been various versions of android mobile applications that were released with the intention of fixing some particular bugs of previous version plus adding to the report on latest features. The various versions show the continuous android development that makes the component and its features customer friendly and versatile enough for easy and efficient usage. The following are the latest versions of android

2.3 Gingerbread

Better graphical user interface Enhanced copy/paste features Improved gaming experience Supports SIP Also supports Near Field Communication 3.0 Honey comb

New Gui features Adapts to larger screen devices Supports multi core processors Supports hardware for better graphic presentation 3.1 Honey Comb

Has enhanced input devices Books Applications Google Movies compatibility USB host mode that enables transfer of internet data from cameras and devices directly 3.2 Honey comb

Supports many android powered devices Provides Zoom to fill screen compatibility mode Provides better control for the developers in display functionality Supports transfer of media files directly from Facts Improved screen support API 4.0 Frozen goodies Sandwich

Facial recognition unlock facilities Controls and monitors network data usage Supports unified social network contacts Enhances the photography features E-mail searching authorized even offline NFC feature for information sharing Future Trend

The extensive uses and packed without standing features Android has had about a revolutionary change in the mobile industry. Android continues to be gaining the lion's share in the market growth as against its competitor RIM. The Gingerbread version of Android has been at the top position with more than 38.7 percent share depending on the reports in October. With the latest in the pipeline that is certainly Frozen goodies sandwich Bing is planning to cancel the front facing buttons and go in for the simple screen with headphones and power button.

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