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The actual Mk1 GTI

The Volkswagen Golfing GTI premiered at the actual Frankfurt Motor Show within 1975, arriving in the united kingdom two years later in 1977. Originally the car arrived in the united kingdom as left hand generate, leading in order to sales of just thirty four vehicles within it's very first year on our coast line. As the very first 'hot hatch' sales from the Mk1 GTI quickly gather pace, the little car might hit 60mph in 9 seconds and reach a top speed just lacking 110mph. Once it's 1588cc motor, four speed gearbox as well as 108bhp had been complimented with a right hands drive model in 1979, buyers flocked to Volkswagen dealers across the country and product sales topped 1, 570, trebling within 2 yrs. The Mk1 Golf GTI are something of the collectors item nowadays, finding a decent one is likely to set a person back more than �3000.

The Mk2 GTI

The Mk2 Golfing GTI required over from the Mk1 in 1984 providing a 1781cc motor and 113bhp. The Mk2 is slightly bigger than the Mk1 and of course slightly heavier. This meant power to weight had little improvement overall from the Mk1. However Volkswagen launched a 16v, 138bhp engine effective at 130mph within 8 seconds along with a top speed of 130mph, which quickly grabbed the interest of audience. Many fanatics feel this particular Mk2 is the best of the Golf GTIs. Sales from the Mk2 peaked at just over 17, 190 in 1989 an the vehicle remains a well known hot hatch even today.

The Mk3 GTI

When unveiled in 1992 it's 2. 0 8v created a bhp associated with 113bhp, showing no increase from the 1. 8 Mk2 motor. Although the car's aero dynamics had been improved, it had been heavier compared to it's predecessor. Volkswagen managed to regain popularity with the meatier two. 0 16v 150bhp motor. With a top speed of 133mph and a 0-60 of 8. 3 mere seconds the Golf GTI was back on top. However it's 0-62mph remained slightly slower that the Mk2 thanks to it's elevated weight, and despite the new aero dynamics the average mpg had been only 25. 3mpg. Perhaps for these reasons the Mk3 GTI had been, and remains a less popular vehicle.

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