Reading Assigned (Climate Change: Move to Action (Winter 2008))

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Reading Assigned

These are the readings assigned in the class, and the lectures where they were assigned. Often the readings are only a few pages in the document. The readings are sometimes for the particular lecture or anticipating what's next.

Lecture 1

Spencer Weart: Discovery of Global Warming

Weart: Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Effect

Weart: Simple Climate Models

Lecture 3

Chapter 1 and Executive Summary of Radiative Forcing of Climate Change: Expanding the Concept and Addressing Uncertainties (2005)

Document at National Academy Web Site

PDF of Executive Summary on Class Web Site

PDF of Chapter 1 on Class Web Site

Lecture 5

IPCC Working Group I: Scientific Basis for Climate Change (Summary for Policy makers)

Lecture 8

Stott: External Forcings of 20th Century Climate

Andronova: Anthropogenic Forcing of 20th Century Climate

Lecture 9

Roe: Climate Sensitivity and Uncertainty

Lecture 11

Walther: Ecological Response to Climate Change

McCarty: Ecological Consequences of Climate Change

Lecture 12

IPCC: Executive Summary WG II: Impacts

O'Brien: Winners and Losers in Climate Change

Barnett: Water Availability and Future Climate

Milly: Impact of climate change on water management strategies

Lecture 13

Brooks: Framework for Understanding Vulnerability and Ability to Adapt

Lecture 15

Pacala and Socolow: Wedges for mitigation of climate change (Science, 2004)

Lecture 16

Jasanoff: The Fifth Branch (Chapter 1)

Pew: State-based Initiatives (2006)

Pew: State-based Initiatives (Update, 2007)

Lecture 17

Stern Report: Executive Summary

Nordhaus: Critical Analysis of Stern Report

Lecture 18

Ecosystem Marketplace: State of Voluntary Markets (2007)

World Bank: Carbon Markets Trends and Update (2007) Assigned Pages 3-7.

Lecture 19

Supreme Court: Massachusetts versus EPA

Sigman: Liability as Policy Option

Lecture 20

Aldy: Policy Options

Lecture 21

Socolow and Pacala: Keeping Carbon in Check (Scientific American, 2006)

Lecture 24

WHO: Climate Change and Public Health

McMichael: Analysis of Health Impact, Inequality, and Health Sector

Lecture 25

Hoffman: Pew Corporate Strategies 2006

McKinsey: Global Business Survey 2008

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