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Refutation of Course Descriptions climate warming: AOSS 480 (Atmospheric Oceanic and Space Science). NRE 480 (School of Natural Resources and Environment) No factual information or referral to factual information has been provided the climate is warming in the course description. In fact, the trend line shown for North American average temperature is down from 1980 to 2010. Planetary wide volcanic activity places massive amounts of volcanic dust in the upper atmosphere from years to decades blocking or reducing sunlight reaching the planet. The earth's orbit changes from nearly circular to more elliptical on a 100,000 year cycle. Earth has just past the near circular orbit and is now retreating to a more elliptical orbit. In the elliptical orbit, earth receives substantially less energy from the sun spending more time at a greater distance from the sun. Or in short, based on going to a more elliptical orbit, Earth is headed into a 50,000 year cooling period. So the course descriptions based on the most fundamental information available; upper atmospheric dust and elliptical earth orbit, the climate can not be warming, it must be cooling. The argument green house gases are causing the planet to warm are false because sunlight must first get to the planet; either with lower volcanic dust allowing more sunlight or a closer orbit to the sun; neither of which are true. The level of gases in the atmosphere does not slow or trap radiative energy. In fact, the denser the atmosphere, the more radiative energy escapes into the vacuum of space. Total radiation which includes the convective type, or more molecules means more energy and more heat transfer means more energy escapes into the vacuum of space. So the greenhouse gas assumption energy is trapped in the earths atmosphere is also false. Do you have any facts to contradict what has been stated above? If not, will you change your course description to say the Earth is in a long term cooling cycle as the facts indicate? Email response requested to: Attn Terry