AOSS 480 / NRE 480 Climate Change: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach to Problem Solving

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CLIMATE 480 / NRE 480: PowerPoint or PDF of 2015 Lectures

Speaker Title Powerpoint PDF
Rood Introduction: Course Outline; Student Backgrounds; Introduction to a Warming Planet View Powerpoint View PDF
Rood Framing the System: Glimpse into the climate change problem using observations and projections; How is science-based knowledge generated? Relation of climate change to global issues: energy, economics, population, consumption; Organizing our response to global warming: Mitigation – Adaptation View Powerpoint View PDF
Rood Knowledge Systems and Problem Solving: The gap between knowledge generation and knowledge use, the usability of science- based knowledge in problem solving: Structured problem solving, analysis tools, scenario analysis View Powerpoint View PDF

Recorded Lectures

AOSS 480 / NRE 480, Class / Lecture 003 Knowledge Systems and Problem Solving