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Notes to Administrators

Adding Resources

To add a resource page, go to Special pages:Forms and select the Lecture Page or Reading Page form. Simply enter the title of the resource (and therefore resource page name) in the box and select "add or edit". You will then be directed to the form for this blog. Fill in the information and save.

This link takes you directly




In the interface to the search database you will see a set of human-interface categories (as opposed to Mediawiki definition of category) for example, "Topics Covered." Within "Topics Covered" there is the name of many topics - "Adaptation," "Business," etc. In the language of the Mediawiki drilldown, "Topics Covered" is a "Filter" or a "Property." The name of the particular Topics Covered are "values." We call these values "attributes" in the following instructions.

In the Mediawiki definition, the category is "Lecture_Page" or "Reading_Page," and the "Filters" and "values" belong to this category. Therefore, on the "Category" page you define the "Filter," and on the "Filter" page you define the "Value."

Creating New Attributes

If you want to add an attribute to the form to an already existing field (a field is the property - example:Natural Variability) find the correct field and add the attribute to the "values=" list (this can be added in any order).

Go to Special Pages, Forms, Lecture_Page AND Reading_Page and edit these pages and add in "values" in correct field.

Go directly to Lecture_Page

Go Directly to Reading_Page

Creating New Fields & Attributes

If you want to make a new field, first go to the Special Pages and find Templates., called "Blog", in Special Pages and add the new field using the same formatting of an already existing field. There are two places where this must be done:

  • in the upper section of the template:
  • and within the field definition section below (maintain the order of fields as in the first part):

The new field definition must also be added to the form using the syntax of other form fields.

  • in Special pages go to Forms and then select the "Blog Page" form.
  • click the "edit" tab
  • scroll down to where the properties are defined and in the same order as you entered on the template, insert the new field using the same formatting as the others (exmaple below)

A new property must be defined. In "Special Pages," under "Semantic Forms," select "Create a Property." Our convention is to name it the same as the newfield. Form name "Blogs" was added. The property was of type "page."

Lastly, you must define a new filter and add this to the category page.

  • in Special pages, scroll down to "Semantic Drilldown" and select "Create a filter"
  • enter the name (same as new property name, e.g. newfield) and select the same property in the dropdown
  • go back to Special pages and under "List of pages" select "categories" and then "Blogs"
  • click the "edit" tab
  • in the correct order add the filter (same name as the new property you created)