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With regard to the federal environment, there has been major volatility in recent years. This has been especially true with one of AOSS's major sponsors, NASA. The impending change in administration and the changing role of climate science in society, assures that there will be significant changes in the environment for scientific funding in the next 5 years. There is now a Decadal Survey for Earth Science and Applications, and the first instantiation of this document will have significant impact. The volatility of federal funding is an incentive to position the department to be able to exploit additional sources of funding.

Other significant externalies are:

  • University strategy:
    • Development of centers and institutes
    • Hiring strategies
    • Educational programs
    • University and College Business Metrics

  • State economics:
    • Risk associated with stress on state budgets
    • Opportunities to contribute to state economy
  • Changing role of climate science in society