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Basic Proposal Information


Process-Based and Object-Based Investigation of Bias in Simulations of the Physical Climate

NASA Grant Number: NNX08AF77G

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Richard B. Rood (PI), University of Michigan

Natalia G. Andronova, University of Michigan

Xianglei Huang, University of Michigan

Derek J. Posselt, University of Michigan

Soner Yorgun, University of Michigan

William Collins, University of California, Berkeley

Gerald L. Potter, University of California, Davis

Kuan-Man Xu NASA Langley Research Center

Christiane Jablonowski, University of Michigan

Christiane is funded here at the request of NASA HQ to support a project on finite-volume dynamical cores.

Budget Expert: Cheri Champoux

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Proposal Summary

We propose a process-based and object-based analysis of bias in the simulation of the physical climate. This will bring focus to organized structures that are important components of the climate system and will link spatial and temporal scales normally associated with weather to the climate system. We plan to use existing Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) cloud-object data and a number of existing integrations of models developed at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. These models have both climate and forecast configurations, and have been run at a wide range of resolutions, with the finest resolution of about 1/8 degree. We choose two geophysical phenomena as a focus of the investigation: tropical precipitation and clouds, and precipitation in the eastern half of the United States. These are important climate features and are not well represented in current climate models. The investigation of tropical precipitation and clouds will be initiated with the CERES cloud-object data. We will extend the object-based approach to Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) radiance observations to take advantage of the rich information content and dense sampling patterns of AIRS. This will be important in the study of eastern United States precipitation. We, also, plan to investigate empirical parameterizations that are anchored to cloud-object information. The purpose of this is to provide insight into role of resolved-scale meteorology versus physical parameterization in model-calculated climate sensitivity. We strive to isolate causal relationships between model formulation and model performance, with the goal of improvement of the robustness of climate predictions.

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Complete Proposal

Complete Proposal as Submitted

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Background Information

History of Proposal and Changes since Award

20081124 Annual Report

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North American Precipitation

North American Precipitation This is research that follows from work started with Bala and Bader at Livermore. It's a good way to develop some object intuition ... perhaps

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Xu et al. Cloud Objects 1

Xu et al. Cloud Objects 2

Luo et al. Cloud Objects 3

Xu et al. Cloud Objects 4

Bala et al. Dynamical Core and Steep Topography

20081124 Reference Search from Web of Science

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