Getting an Account at NASA Goddard Computing

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Getting an Account at NASA Goddard Computing

Here is the main page for the NASA Center for Computational Scienceat Goddard Space Flight Center. On that page you can click User Informationand get to a page where you should be able to obtain an account. The portal to all information on getting accounts is at Account Info.

Here are direct instructions that should work, but see comment below.

You will NOT need to "Become a Principal Investigator," but you will need our "PI's Computational Project" number. Here it is

PI's Computational Project: s0879 (that is a zero!)

Armed with that, if you are a citizen then you can use either the paper form or the web form. In either event you will have to print it out, sign it and fax it. Still, I recommend the web form.

NCCS Web Form to Request a New User ID

Place the PI's Computational Project number: s0879 into the box "Principal Investigator's Computational Project:" All other information should be straightforward.

Comment: Currently, if all of this works perfectly, then it will take about two weeks to get an account. I have volunteered our group to help improve the process. So please follow the instructions and document any place that seems ambiguous or incorrect. Do not call any old friends or colleagues to make the system work. (Derek has been on a while. I got him on that way to get started.) You will be required to take security training, and I recall you will have to print out and fax online forms 3 times. If you have worked with other institutions that have a more expeditious way to get an account, please let me know the specifics. Much of this is claimed by NASA security to be necessary.