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Possible Blogs

Science requirements and the requirements of scientists

Population and consumption ... It is consumption

Open source Open governance


Solar Variability

Balance of water: solid, liquid, vapor

      Bob's book, orbital analysis

Bitz and the thermohaline circulation

Southern hemisphere ice

Civilizations, Migration, Climate Change

    • Anasazi
  • Medieval Warm Period
  • Mayan
  • Katrina
    • Census bureau
    • Post Office

Accelerators: catalysts of policy

  • Class
  • From lectures

Insurance Industry

Questions of clarification and skepticism

  • Oreskes seminar
  • Models
    • Types
    • Assumptions
    • Forgotten
    • Layers
  • Model validation
  • Forced and internal modes of oscillation.
  • Model bias
  • Time scales

  • Cycles
    • What causes cycles?
      • Can we identify cause?
      • Do we only know there is a cycle?
    • Cycles and Trends are not mutually exclusive
  • Water as a greenhouse gas
    • Always had a lot of greenhouse gas, how does adding such a little bit matter?
    • Examples of little things mattering
      • DDT
      • Sewage
      • Adding another blanket
  • Elements of argument
    • Forgotten, ignored, and suppressed mechanisms
    • Credentials of skeptics
    • Diversion of argument with personal attacks
    • Diversity of opinions amongst scientists (and evangelicals)
  • Role of skepticism
  • Belief, What we want to believe, What we need to believe

How to Solve Problems: Complex problems with no known solutions

Unknown Unknowns

Incremental and Abrupt Climate Change

  • Unknown Unknowns
  • Adapting
    • Adapting to Incremental Change
    • Adapting to Abrupt Change
  • Thermohaline circulation
  • Melting
    • Ice sheet melting
    • Sea level rise
    • Methane from the tundra
  • Ocean acidification


Texas coal ... cost of coal