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  • 15:35, 15 January 2010Evan's Page (hist)[626 bytes] (Talk) (Created page with 'Hello, my name is Evan Oswald. I an interested and concern myself primary with analyzing the effects of anomalously high temperatures in urban areas. Here are a few links to …')
  • 15:35, 15 January 2010Ryan's Link Page (hist)[1,726 bytes] (Talk) (Created page with 'Here are some sources if anyone is interested: 1) Heat Acclimization Guide - U.S. Army 2) Thermal and Mountai…')
  • 15:34, 15 January 2010Ryan's Page (hist)[4,881 bytes] (Talk) (Created page with 'Just some general ideas / realizations for the creation of a heat wave index that have been floating around in my head 1) I think it is important to create a system, which not o…')
  • 15:34, 15 January 2010Task 1: Specifics (hist)[1,308 bytes] (Talk) (Created page with '==Task 1: Specifics== So for the first task let's reproduce Figure 1 of [ Meehl and Tebaldi…')
  • 15:33, 15 January 2010Heat Waves (hist)[13,837 bytes] (Talk) (Created page with '__TOC__ ==Introduction== This is a page to support heat wave research. This is originally developed for Winter 2008 to support student research projects. If there are documen…')
  • 15:31, 15 January 2010Draft on Knowledge Piece (hist)[3,338 bytes] (Talk) (Created page with 'Richard B. Rood 20070910 I believe that knowledge mandates responsibility. We acquire and generate knowledge. This is done with both intent and by chance. We use science; we …')
  • 15:28, 15 January 2010Beginnings of OpenClimate (hist)[20,689 bytes] (Talk) (Created page with '=Introduction= The predictions of climate change provide us knowledge of the future. These predictions are not like those from a crystal ball; they are not magic. Neither are …')