Task 1: Specifics

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Task 1: Specifics

So for the first task let's reproduce Figure 1 of Meehl and Tebaldi (2004).

What did Meehl and Tebaldi do?

They took the station data from US stations and averaged the minimum temperature for each three day period. Then for each year they took the highest value. Then they averaged over all of the years, yielding at each station, the average warmest sustained minimum for the year. Then they contoured for the whole US.

Write an analysis of the strength and weakness of this approach. What does it tell us?

After this is done with the station data, show how good or bad the North American Reanalysis compares with the station data.

  • We will start with the Integrated Surface Data set which we can get from NOAA's National Center for Climatic Data.

Integrated Surface Data set

Here is the link for the actual data page.

  • Use of gridded analyses instead of or in concert with station observations. (This could vastly simplify the calculation.)

Link to the NARR North American Regional Reanalysis